A chronological look at the bands of Sue Malcolm.
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The Other People (1980)
Back: Mickey Moore and Tom Sullivan
Front: L-R: Barry Hall, Keith Malcolm, Sue Malcolm and Linda Bates

The Other People (1981)
L-R: Keith Malcolm, Linda Bates, Doug Hopwood, Sue Malcolm and Paul Gitlitz
on stage at the Soft Rock Cafe

Pacific Bluegrass & Heritage Society First Board of Directors (1981)
L-R: Sue Malcolm, Peter Thompson, Alan Richardson, Dave Lidstone,
Alan Wood and Louise Richardson

The Frosty Mountain Stringband (1982)
L-R: Sue Malcolm, Keith Malcolm, Paul Gitlitz and Owen Mahoney

The Frosty Mountain Stringband (1983)
L-R: Owen Mahoney, Dave Marshall, Sue Malcolm, Keith Malcolm and Paul Gitlitz

The Kitchen Syncapators live in Co-op Radio's Studio A (1983)
L-R: Alan Richardson (host), Sue Malcolm, Diane (Rosemary) Campbell,
Owen Mahoney and (not pictured) Don Fraser.

High Sierra (1986)
L-R: Sue Malcolm, Sylvie Fefer, Don Dirkson and Don Fraser

The No-Frills Stringband (1988)
L-R: Sue Malcolm, Diane (Rosemary) Campbell, Carol Wright Front: Kitty King

Way Out West (1991)
Back: Sue Malcolm, Frank Humperville and Michael Heiden
Front: Mike Brooks, Koralee Tonack and Larry Stevens

Way Out West at Folklife in Seattle (1991)
Michael Heiden, Frank Humperville, Sue Malcolm, Koralee Tonack, Larry Stevens and Mike Brooks

Sue Malcolm at Folklife in Seattle (1991)

The Free Range Riders (1992)
L-R: Ian MacIntyre, Larry Stevens, Koralee Tonack,
Ron Manley, Sue Malcolm and Bob Underhill

Rhythm Roundup (1995)
L-R: Art Pouchet, Vic Smyth, Sue Malcolm and Frank Reynolds

Rhythm Roundup (1998)
L-R: Bob Underhill, Sue Malcolm, Vic Smyth and Frank Reynolds
How the heck DO you spell rhythm, anyways??

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